Recent Before & After Photos

Category 3 Sewage Backup in Family's Bathroom

This family had a major sewer backup in their tub. It was enough to fill the tub, not just with water, but with Category 3 Biohazard water. Category 3 water, or... READ MORE

Fire in a School Bathroom

A fire in the bathroom caused massive smoke damage. Soot and ash completely covered the walls, floors, toilet, and ceiling turning a once mostly white bathroom ... READ MORE

Chair Damaged by Smoke

A family's home was recently damaged by a fire. It was enough to cause substantial damage to this family's cherished chair. The chair suffered damage not only t... READ MORE

Home Board-Up

SERVPRO of Montebello is there for all types of disasters. Like this one, a smashed back door, a homeowner's nightmare. To prevent the earth's elements, rodents... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

This is a recent Before & After from a Commercial Building. We were brought in for a Duct Cleaning and there was certainly an extensive build up of lint and... READ MORE

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is important for Air Quality. However, if ducts get cleaned and the vents don't you are still susceptible to dust & dirt allergens being air b... READ MORE

School Bathroom Fire

School was definitely postponed when this bathroom went up in flames. Fortunately, no children were injured. Smoke & Soot had consumed this bathroom. All th... READ MORE

Car Fire in Montebello,CA

This building went up in smoke! In this Montebello apartment building, a car fire started in the parking garage underneath the apartment units. Fire and Smoke d... READ MORE

Garage Fire

In a matter of minutes, a fire can consume your entire home. That means you have very little time to get out before the flames spread and the smoke becomes blin... READ MORE

Moldy Carpet

Mold is an organic substance and can grow on almost any organic material. The key to mold growth is moisture, which is why you likely see mold around kitchen si... READ MORE