Recent Before & After Photos

Construction Site | Water Damage

When disaster strikes, who will you call? In large water and fire losses, plumbers and firefighters need to be called. But once they leave, you're still stuck w... READ MORE

Storm | Board-Up

Storm damage can be unforgiving and result in a mess of damage. At this property, the roof was heavily damaged. When the roof is exposed it leaves your home and... READ MORE

Roof Tarping Due to a Storm

This home withstood the elements! An LA Rainstorm wreaked havoc on this roof. Extensive tarping and board-up were necessary. This service helps protect your pro... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen | Fryer Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is crucial in a kitchen environment. All equipment must be cleaned daily to ensure a sanitary facility and safety. Shown is a deep fryer, a ... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning | Air Vents

Commercial air vents and registers collect dust & debris regularly. Because of that, regular cleaning is recommended to keep your facilities air as pure as ... READ MORE

Parking Garage | Water Damage

This commercial building suffered an unfortunate water loss. This parking structure was at the forefront of the damage of the loss. A few stories up though, a b... READ MORE

Large Loss: Water Damage - Compton

What you see in these pictures is just the small extent of this massive water loss. All 3 floors of this commercial facility were damaged due to water damage fr... READ MORE

Post Storm Roof Cleaning

Businesses need to operate at full speed. Emergencies and disasters prevent that. A disaster can greatly impact that business. Disrupting employees and workflow... READ MORE

Post Storm | Roof Drain Cleaning

Facility managers may question how important roof maintenance is. Is it worth putting your employee's at risk on a roof? The reality is they don't have to, we a... READ MORE

Greywater Backup in Family's Bathroom

This bathroom had a major overflow, resulting in greywater damage to the bathroom and the surrounding areas. We came in and were able to assist them with not on... READ MORE