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How Your HVAC System is Affecting Your Health

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

You no doubt cherish your HVAC system. You may use it everyday, especially the AC in the Summer and Heat in the Winter. But your HVAC System is affecting your health.

What You Need to Do:

Change your Air Filters. Air Filters keeps your air clean from Bacteria, Dust, Pollutants, Pet Dander, & Mold. A clogged Filter cannot combat against such things. It also puts strain on your energy bill and HVAC system. A clean Filter ensures your HVAC system operates efficiently.

When to Change Them:

Every 3 Months is typical. Yet, Pets, Children, & Allergies are all variables that may shorten that time to Once a Month.

How to Do It:

Your Air Filters are usually located:

  • On Your HVAC System
  • Your Ceilings
  • Your Walls

Check these areas for Return Vents, these are where your Filters will be. Before removing Filters, make sure your HVAC system is OFF. Then, proceed to remove the Filters. 

Take note of their Sizes, they're written on the side of the Filter. Pick up your new Filters at a Hardware Store or store that carries home supplies.

Proceed to install new Filters. Directional arrows on the Filter will help you to install it correctly. 

(SERVPRO TIP: Mark the date you installed the Filters to help you remember when to change them out next.) 

3 Things Every Customer Should Know About Mitigation Companies

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

This is interesting data from our SIU department we thought you readers would appreciate.

Unlike most mitigation companies, we have a Special Investigation Unit (SIU). From over 1500 investigations performed for Insurance Carriers, Property Managers, Cities, etc, we have aggregated & analyzed the data from the last couple years.

Here are 3 Things All Customers Should Know:

1. OVER 90% of the time the customer was OVERCHARGED an average of 40-60%.

2. Industry standard for drying is 3-5 days (per IICRC). In most cases mitigation companies are charging for 10 days or longer. Have you ever asked them “Why”?  

3. 99% of the time mitigation companies cut the drywall, have you ever asked "Why"? In many instances, IICRC guidelines recommend “in-place drying” since it is safe and reduces cost.

We fully understand that mitigation and/or restoration companies stand to make a lot less money on each project.  However, the benefits to you are reduced: Cost(s), Business Interruption, and Overall Collateral Spend.  

Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim!  - If you feel you have been overcharged, send us an old estimate and we’ll do a ‘quick review’ for free. Maybe you are one of the lucky 10%.  

We hope one day we can work together…SERVPRO of Montebello puts its partners before its pocketbook.