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Burned Kitchen

Kitchen Fire

Things really started to heat up in this kitchen. The fire consumed almost everything, especially the ceiling. Everything the fire didn't fully burn received heavy smoke damage and even water damage from putting out the fire. Be sure and never leave a hot stove unattended while you are cooking.

Charred Fire Truck

Who do Firefighters Call After a Fire?

What do the firefighters do when they have a fire? They fight it! But like every fire, after the flames are put out you're left with ash, soot, and water damage. That's when the firefighters call SERVPRO® of Montebello. After flames took over one fire academy, the firefighters need professionals to do the clean-up. It was a pleasure working with our emergency responders and getting their facility restored. 

water damage roof damage

Roof Water Removal

Why are roof inspections so important after a major storm event? You may not see signs of water damage right away, but standing water on your roof can wear your roof down. Eventually, the water would find its way inside. SERVPRO of Montebello is all about making water damage disappear!

servpro vans outside job

Faster to Your Commercial Loss!

Timing is crucial with Water & Fire Damage. Disaster can go from bad to worse in a matter of hours. SERVPRO® of Montebello is your faster mitigation company to get your business back running as soon as possible.

Rooftop view of a fire which burned through the roof that has now been fully tarped

Garage Fire

When the fire department was called to this fire, they needed to allow airflow into the garage. Most of the garage roof was burned up from the flames or punctured through from the fire fighting efforts. SERVPRO of Montebello started immediately to reinforce the roof, tarp it, and begin fire damage restoration.

Books on the floor of a library soaked in water

Restore Your Water Damaged Documents

When water works its way into the file room, don't panic! Despite what people may think, these documents are salvageable. SERVPRO® of Montebello is an expert at Document Restoration. From business to educational documents, our team is trained to dry them properly for your records.

SERVPRO technician sanitizing a local commercial building

Commercial Sanitization

Great efforts go into making your business look the best. Your property's cleanliness is our priority on sanitation jobs. A thorough inspection both before and after will ensure you of our standards when it comes to deep cleaning.

SERVPRO employee at a fire loss

Faster to Any Disaster

Here you can see we arrived at the scene of a clothing store that caught fire. In fact, after they called us, we were able to get there and start assessing the job before the fire crews had even left the premises. 

SERVPRO semi in front of a large commercial building

No Job Too Big...

We at SERVPRO have the crew, skillset, and equipment to quickly be able to mobilize even to extremely large commercial jobs. Additionally, few other remediation companies have the years of experience we have in large commercial loss projects. 

SERVPRO technician in a crawlspace.

No Job Too Small

No matter what steps are required to ensure your home is fully remediated, SERVPRO will do them. Even if those 'steps' involve crawling into your small crawlspace, to helping you clean a small stain on your carpet, we will do whatever it takes to make it "Like it never even happened."

Thermal Imaging camera locating a leak by difference in temperature

Thermal Imaging - Leak Detection

Water Detection is key in creating a drying system. If all the water isn't tracked or identified properly, the environment may take longer to dry. Thermal Imaging is a technology we use to make sure we find all the water at a loss.

Clogged roof gutter

Clean Your Gutters

What can we learn from this picture...

1) Storms can cause be an annoying problem.

2) Clean your gutters. That way when that storm comes it won't clog your gutters and make a muddy mess on your roof or inside your property.

Rows of SERVPRO Air Movers

They Aren't Just Fans

These are not 'only' fans, to us they are much more. They're an integral part of our business. They don't just blow around air. When drying systems are set up they allow your home or business to be back to normal. That's what SERVPRO of Vernon does. We make it, "Like it never even happened."  

Moisture Meters Excel at Finding Even Trace Amounts of Water

Is Dry Really Dry?

Sometimes material may show little to no signs of moisture...even feel dry to the touch. However, that is not always the case. By using a moisture meter we are able to find water that would be difficult to detect otherwise, but still be able to cause mold damage.

We don't just fog homes and businesses but also vehicles, as shown in this photo

Truck Fogging

Fogging is a great way to sanitize and disinfect your homes and businesses as it is able to get in extremely hard to reach places. That makes it especially useful to use in the confines of a car or truck. 

SERVPRO of Montebello is here to help with all your sanitization needs. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year to help you get back to normal.  Call us at (323) 215-1997 "Like it never even happened."

mold remediation in drywall

Mold in the Walls

Mold can grow on almost anything. It's an organic material that attaches itself to other organic material when moisture is present. Moisture is key, whether it's in your bathroom or kitchen mold can lurk behind walls much like this one.

Roof Gutter Maintenance

What can we learn from this picture...

1) Storms can cause to be an overwhelming problem.

2) Clean you gutters. Clean gutters mean when that storm does come it won't clog the gutters and make a muddy mess.

a tarped roof

Storm Prep | Tarping

This is key evidence of good preparation and planing. A storm can make or break your roof. Tarping in preparation for a storm can ensure a dry interior, which something we all love. 

Floor Cleaning

The best thing a business can do for their floors is give them a deep cleaning. You can see from the photo how much dirt was removed even though the floor seemed clean to the naked eye. 

SERVPRO of Montebello's fleet of vehicles

The Fleet!

The fleet is out in full force. When you see those green SERVPRO® of Montebello trucks pull up, you will know you and your home or business are in the best of care.