Storm Damage Photo Gallery

servpro vans outside job

SERVPRO of Montebello | Commercial Loss

SERVPRO® of Montebello prides itself on our state-of-the-art technology and methods to mitigate your loss. Working smarter allows us to save you from business interruption, which can cost you money. From Storm Damage to Small Leak, we're here to help.

moisture meter

Moisture Meters | Why Are They Important?

This device is a Moisture Meter that allows our technicians to know exactly where water is hiding in your walls and track where it has migrated. This allows them to treat damaged areas and not compromise any undamaged section.

water damage roof damage

Roof Water Removal

Why are roof inspections so important after a major storm event? You may not see signs of water damage right away, but standing water on your roof can wear your roof down. Eventually, the water would find its way inside. SERVPRO of Montebello is all about making water damage disappear!

Thermal Imaging camera locating a leak by difference in temperature

Thermal Imaging - Leak Detection

Water Detection is key in creating a drying system. If all the water isn't tracked or identified properly, the environment may take longer to dry. Thermal Imaging is a technology we use to make sure we find all the water at a loss.

Clogged roof gutter

Clean Your Gutters

What can we learn from this picture...

1) Storms can cause be an annoying problem.

2) Clean your gutters. That way when that storm comes it won't clog your gutters and make a muddy mess on your roof or inside your property.

a tarped roof

Storm Prep | Tarping

This is key evidence of good preparation and planing. A storm can make or break your roof. Tarping in preparation for a storm can ensure a dry interior, which something we all love.